Primitive Fall Pumpkins

Fall is quickly approaching, and pumpkins have been popping up in my shop! These little fellas bring me such joy to make and watching them become their own little personalities.
All these pumpkin guys can be found in my shop here: Willow Heart Prims

Sharing a word of encouragement with you:
God’s Got it
Nothing comes to us that does not pass-through God’s fingers first. -Tony Evans

Lately it seems like He’s just letting things pass through to me and I feel like He’s not even looking to see what’s coming. I am learning that a lot of things that seem to weigh me down start in my thoughts. Instead of looking at something that’s not going well and finding the positive in it, I can always seem to find the negative and stay stuck on that and it creates a lot of extra hurt within the body. God wants us to find Him and His goodness in all situations. Just know how much He loves you, is right there with you even in the midst of whatever you are going through. Hugs to you, have a great day!